Lodging Facilities


We are preparing lodging facilities so that you can enjoy a relaxing time in an agricultural village through Yoshida Village Agritourism.

Also, we offer a glamping program that allows you to enjoy local foods and beers while staying in the middle of nature.

Yoshida Village is being prepared as the central facility for Yoshida Village Agritourism.

We are carrying out our plan to renovate the Oya tuff stone storehouses built over 50 years ago that remain in the ruins of the farmers’ cooperative that thrived as the center of Yoshida Village and revive them as complex facilities that house tenant facilities, such as a bakery and shops, and the front office for agritourism and serve as the core lodging facility for tourists.

We are planning to cooperate with L’ape Ronza, the neighboring Italian restaurant, to allow guests to enjoy a peaceful time in Yoshida Village while staying in a fashionable space.

Yoshida Village Glamping

Yoshida Village Glamping involves luxurious camping in various places, such as the automobile camping site in Sannoyama Park in Shimotsuke, Tochigi and in the middle of spacious fields.
You can savor cuisine made with fresh local produce and wild game through catering from L’ape Ronza and other local restaurants in Yoshida Village, along with local craft beer, while enjoying elegant extraordinary experiences in a comfortable, extravagant tent.